Django Sur Lennon

Gypsy Jazz Festival, Ramelton, Co Donegal, 27th - 30th Oct 2017

Adrian Moignard Gypsy Jazz Trio


Self-taught guitarist, Adrian draws his early influences in rock and blues. His discovery at the age of 16 years of the music of Django Reinhardt marks a major turning point in his guitar learning. Influenced later by guitarists such as George Benson, Pat Metheny, Bireli Lagrene,

he is now developing a very personal game, at the crossroads of musical styles. His many

musical experiences led him to perform in various gypsy music and afro american jazz projects (Costel Nitescu Quintet, Selmer 607 Django Drom by Tony Gatlif... ) , with musicians such as Didier Lockwood, Stochelo Rosenberg, Vincent Peirani, Christian Escoudé... and

multiplaying meetings as its registered with the DR Big Band in Copenhagen or the new project of singer Cyrille Aimée album. His recent duet album with Rocky Cresset earned him the praise of all the press and compared him to masters such as Bireli Lagrene and Sylvain Luc. Between Clouds is the second album released under his name on the label Dreyfus Jazz, after All The Way in 2010. Surrounded by his friends , already on his first album, it performs a repertoire which is dear to him and which represents the spectrum of musical influences (Marvin Gaye, Django, Stevie Wonder, Hendrix and Brad Mehldau) . This new album transcends the legacy of Django and focuses on musicality, melody ,space, without demonstrations of virtuosity.

Adrien Moignard performs regularly in New York alongside Cyrille Aimée ( Small's , Birdland , etc ...). The objective of this operation is to discover the Adrien Moignard project as leader.

Marcel Loeffler

Immersed in manouche music and jazz since a child, Marcel Loeffler marries tradition and new forms of expression with marvellous talent. He improvises “with mastery and a harmoniously rhythmic subtlety on par with American specialists” (Jazz Magazine). From be-pop to modern jazz, from tango to softer ambiances, Marcel lets his multiple talents bellow out from his instrument. A solid composer who never forgets the melody, he is an improviser with a lot of brio, and a clear song line. But it is on stage that Marcel Loeffler shares his talent with the most emotion, that musical and instrumental openness and desire to unceasingly renew his instrument, that touch our heart.
Marcel performs in the best festivals in the world.


Paulus Schäfer is one of the most talented Dutch gypsy guitarists, who learned to play guitar at a very early age in the musical Sinti family where he grew up. He learned most of the legendary Was Grünholz and his nephew Stochelo Rosenberg. Being a musician in high demand, he often performs with musicians like the Rosenberg Trio, Feigeli Prisor, Biréli Lagrëne, Jimmy Rosenberg, Andreas Øberg and so on. He performs all over the work and recorded several CD's, the latest one is Letter To van Gogh, released in the Van Gogh year. Paulus style is easy to recognize, and although true to the distinctive gypsy sound, he is always looking for a new, modern sound. 


Irene grew up in a musical family and learned to play the piano, recorder and guitar from her parents. Only a few years ago she discovered the genre gypsy jazz, about which she has been passionate ever since. She quickly developed into a well known musician worldwide, performing with outstanding musicians like Robin Nolan, Feigeli Prisor, Christiaan van Hemert, Daniel Givone and of course Paulus Schäfer and Marcel Loeffler, and performed a.o. in Hong Kong, New York, Chicago, Tampa, Sarasota, Hildesheim, Nepal, Brazil, Ireland. The bit of sintiblood that runs through her veins from a few generaties ago may account for the fact that many see her as a  link between gypsies and 'gadjos'. 

The Hot Club of Troy (USA)


Inspired by the compositions of legendary gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt, The Hot Club of Troy plays acoustic jazz in the master’s style and instrumentation. A swinging rhythm supplied by acoustic guitar, clarinet, saxophone and bass provides the foundation for the timeless beauty of Django’s melodies as played on his trademark Selmer guitar. 

Guitarist Troy Chapman brings a lifetime of Django admiration to the stage along with years of gypsy jazz experience with groups including Pacific Northwest legends Pearl Django, and Billet-Deux.

Eric Vanderbilt-Mathews joined The Hot Club of Troy in 2016. He started playing violin at age four, switched to piano a year later, and then picked up clarinet and saxophone. Since then, Eric has focused on classical and jazz studies in high school and at the University of Washington, deciding on saxophone as his primary focus. DjangofestNW has been an influencing factor in his appreciation and integration of Django's style and music. 

Guitarist Keith Bowers, also a Django devotee and leader of Whidbey Island’s Trio Nouveau, adds rhythmic pulse and harmonic voicings to the ensemble. He is known for playing lyrical passages and with fingerstyle technique as well.

Bassist Kristi O’Donnell, also a member of Trio Nouveau, brings on the groove with her bass, Emi. Her experiential approach to playing has been influenced by being immersed in music as a child in the jazz rich city of Cincinnati,Ohio. Her skills as a tap dancer can be felt in her timing and her heart felt love of playing music is felt by the audience.

The Hot Club of Troy plays the repertoire of Django Reinhardt and narrates the highlights and history of his life of accomplishments and trials. 
They are based on Whidbey Island, WA in the Pacific NW. U.S.A.

Samy Daussat Trio


"What distinguishes Samy from most of his fellow guitarists is his eminent accomplishments, a difficult art which he patiently acquired mastery by making his arms with the greatest gypsy figures ( Raphael Faÿs, Babik Reinhardt, and more recently, Tchavolo Schmitt.) So Samy agreed to take off with a thorough tour of the question, laying the first steps in a trio with David and Noé Reinhardt, before publishing his first album under the name La Petite Famille in 2009. Five years later, the solidity of this journey begun at an early age gives the artist a level of confidence, a certainty of taste, a virtuosity And a natural quality of expression that many envy him "

Dario Napoli.

Dario Napoli – Bio

No stranger to some of the biggest music cities in North America, guitarist and composer Dario Napoli of Cortona, Italy is quickly making a name for himself in the world of gypsy jazz music.  His 2012 tour of the United States took Dario’s music to fans in cities such as Austin, Los Angeles, and New Orleans.  More recently he has performed at several well-known festivals throughout Italy, including Arezzo Summer Jazz, Trasimeno Blues and Raduno Mediterraneo Petralia, where he performed on stage with Stochelo Rosenberg.

Surprisingly to many, Dario’s career in music almost didn’t happen.  He started learning how to play guitar when he was eight-years-old only to quit after just a few weeks of instruction.  But his love for the instrument was renewed nearly three years later when Dario witnessed a performance by one of the world’s best guitarists.

“My brother brought me to an Eric Clapton concert,” Dario recounts.  “I remember being so affected I could barely sleep after.  I knew I was ready to pay the price to do all I could to learn, on a beat up 40-euro classical guitar, copying by ear all I could.”

And learn he did.  Dario has since gone on to great things, including performing at the Eddie Lang Jazz Fest playing alongside Sebastian Giniaux, Cloughtoberfest,  Tilburg Djangofest, Festival des Puces (Paris), Piracicaba Jazz Festival (Brasil), Pennabilli Django Festival, as well as being invited to open the popular Django in June festival in Northampton, Massachusetts.  That performance gave him the opportunity to share the stage with artists such as Tcha Limberger, Adrien Moignard, Gonzalo Bergara, and Robin Nolan.  The world of gypsy jazz has most definitely welcomed Dario with open arms…and he has enjoyed every moment of it.

Kourosh Kanani

Never heard of Kourosh Kanani? That’s OK. One of the functions we like to serve here at Django in June is to play musical matchmaker by introducing new European talent to US students and fans of the Gypsy jazz. More often than not that talent comes from France, Holland or Germany. occasionally Italy or Spain. But rarely from the UK. We have made some progress in that area in recent years: Tim Robinson was here just a few years ago and Giacomo Smith, an honorary Brit, is now on our staff two years running. And he, in fact, gets the assist for unwittingly introducing us to “Koo,” as this fine young guitarist is affectionately known. This video of them playing together may have been my own introduction to his playing.

The Tolka Hot Club

The Tolka Hot Club are a hot swing quartet formed by the banks of the river Tolka on Dublin's north side, late in 2014. The group bring a body of music from the Roaring 20's and 30's, from both sides of the Atlantic right into the twenty-first century, with a few modern surprises! All this is delivered with the lush yet percussive ambiance that only strings can provide in the hypnotic Gypsy jazz style.