E Sarah Carter

E Sarah Carter

E Sarah Carter was solo fiddle player on world tours with Michael Flatley’s "Lord of the Dance" and the hit show "Spirit of the Dance" for 6 years. In 1999 Sarah took to the stage as soloist for the smash hit show "Spirit of the Dance", playing major stadiums and theatres in USA, Canada, Europe, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, India and Morocco. She was resident with "Spirit of the Dance" at The Bobby Vinton Theatre in Branson Missouri USA; The Eldorado Theatre in Reno Nevada, USA; The Grand Palace Theatre in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA and The Monte Carlo Casino Theatre inMonaco. Sarah then took to the road with "Lord of the Dance", performing on stage to packed stadiums and theatres in major US and Canadian cities.One of her personal highlights was performing at the famous Acropolis Amphitheatre in Athens.

After a performance of "Lord of the Dance" in Oxford, performing with Orla Harrington, one reviewer wrote,“Now do these two ladies rock or what? If you’re not moving by the time they have finished playing, you probably ought to get yourself checkedout!”

Sarah’s aunt and uncle have had a cottage in Glencolumbkille for 40 years and during regular visits she learned Donegal style fiddle, learning many great tunes from Martin McGuinley.As she was on tour she started collecting airmiles and decided to use them to pay for flights to further her studies in Gypsy Jazz and Celtic fiddle.


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At a weekend with Tim Kliphuis in the Netherlands she met Samy Daussat and during a late night gyspy jazz session she played Samy some Donegal tunes. Samy was instantly taken by them and they began developing the idea of combining the Donegal repertoire with Gypsy Rhythms. The Donegal tunes were passed by ear from Martin in Donegal, to Sarah in England to Samy in The Netherlands and finally to Claude in Paris. 

We are very excited to bring all the members of this great “aural line” who passed the tunes from Roarties in Glencolumbkille to the centre of Paris together in one band. 

Donegal tunes with a twist of Manouche and the indelible thumb print of Django Rheindhart!