Django Sur Lennon

Gypsy Jazz Festival, Ramelton, Co Donegal, 27th - 30th Oct 2017


Django Reinhardt


One of the styles of jazz performed is what has today become known as “gypsy jazz” or gypsy swing. This style of jazz is most often attributed to gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt and violinist Stephane Grapelli who founded the all strings jazz ensemble, The Quintet du Hot Club de France, in the 1930s in Paris, France. This style is at times also referred to as “jazz manouche”, from the French term meaning “gypsy”. The style’s creation often being attributed to Django, the musical characteristics and the blending of gypsy musical elements with jazz and the fact that it has largely been fellow gypsies (until recently) who have carried and preserved the musical legacy of Django Reinhardt since his death in 1953, makes the term “jazz manouche” one that is quite fitting in describing this genre.


Ramelton is situated at the mouth of the River Lennon, 11 km north of Letterkenny and 4 km east of Milford, on the western shores of Lough Swilly, County Donegal, Rep of Ireland. The town is named from Ráth Mealtain, (Irish for "the fort of Mealtan"), an earlyGaelic chieftain. The fort is said to lie under the ruins of a medieval castle of the O'Donnells, the ruling family of West Donegal before their exile to mainland Europe in 1607.

Ramelton was settled by English and Scots planters during the Ulster Plantation of the 17th century and is the site of the oldest Presbyterian church in Ireland.

The Catholic church is St Mary's in the parish of Aughnish.

Ramelton also has a Church of Ireland Church of St.Paul, Parish of Tullyaughnish.

The town was the setting for the 1995 television serial The Hanging Gale, which told of the potato Famine of the 19th century. The town hosts the Lennon Festival, a village fair, since 1970. Ramelton is a Fáilte Ireland designated Heritage Town.

Below is another video link of Ramelton filmed with a drone ...

Ramelton is approx 240km from Dublin airport and 150 km from Belfast international airport. Ramelton is about 15 mins drive from the town of Letterkenny. Route R245. City of Derry airport to Ramelton town is approx 60km via Letterkenny.

 All you need to know about the fabulous wee toon of Ramelton

All you need to know about the fabulous wee toon of Ramelton

Little snippet of 'La Pompe' at James McDaids famous wine bar Ramelton.

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